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Associate Contact Description of Collection
Tom Dilatush (USA) Dilatush Collection
George Keane (USA) Festus and Acu-Rule History
Hubert van Dongen (Netherland) My Faber-Castell Slide Rule Collection
Adam Coleman (USA) Infrared Slide Rules
Jim Cerny Jim Cerny Machine-Time Rule Collection

Jim Cerny - 2013 Ed Chamberlain

Host Your Slide Rule Collection FREE at ISRM

I've just expanded the capacity of ISRM from 2GB to 190GB on my unix host server. I'm allowed 3600 email addreses and can transfer 2500GB/month. Consequently, I am offering to host individual slide rule related web sites, at no charge, under the International Slide Rule Museum (ISRM) banner for individual collectors and historians, especially for those of you who would not normally want the trouble and expense of maintaining a web site. The benifits are many fold.

1) Allows you to show off your favorite and rare slide rule to the public at large.

2) Allows broader research content for all collectors and historians.

3) It captures the images and work that you might have done previously for posterity. (so many great sites have been taken down, and information and content lost, when the owner/author loses interest or passes on).

4) It creates a larger presence on the web for slide rule folks and (hopefully) should help generate interest in younger collectors and educators.

5) Adds technical content in areas of expertise that I am not capable able of providing.

6) It provides almost unlimited separate storage which can be used to offload files from limited servers for organizations and groups. For example, files can be put into an ISRG folder that everyone can look at "http://www.sliderulemuseum.com/isrm/ISRG"  (I need to set this up so its accessible for anybody)

7) Provides a mechanism for those of you who wish to simply upload scans of slide rules and manuals for inclusion in the ISRM galleries and library (very much appreciated by everybody!). 

8) Sure you can get free accounts on Geocities and Yahoo, but this way there are no domain names to register, no pop-ups, no advertising, and no emails from the service. George Keane just transferred his Acu-Rule History site (he's the sacrificial lamb for the test launch) from Geocities to ISRM. His URL looks like: http://www.sliderulemuseum.com/isrm/acurule/index.html

Your URL would look similar: (Example I just set up a folder for Tom Dilatush).

He created a folder: /dilatush and in that is his home page ex:index.html. You will be given a common ID and password that will allow you to FTP into the isrm/ folder where you would be able to create folders and upload files, by dragging and dropping from your windows environment. You won't be able to access the rest of the museum's galleries, but you'll be free to move about within the isrm/ folder with the other collectors. type in: ftp://isrm@sliderulemuseum.com you'll be asked for an ID and password, which I'll email you separately. I'll create an html template to make your web site creation easy. I use very simple html code so its very easy to cut and paste your pictures and text without blowing up the page. Your web site can be accessed directly, but will also be link within the ISRM main galleries on this page.

Having your help and involvement lets me know I'm doing something worthwhile. Thanks for considering being partners in this endeavor.

Michael Konshak, ISRM Curator

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